5/26/2018 Insurance Update:
Instruction, Tandem and Solo is CLOSED.  Insurance requirements prohibit compensation so I've decided to no longer teach solo or tandem.

Tandem Instructional Flight – $180.

  Yifat4   Tandem flight can be enjoyed by just about anyone with no prior experience.
Minors need to be accompanied by a parent.  We use a larger canopy designed to carry the weight of two people.  Each person has their own harness, and the passenger and instructor are connected together with spreader bars.  The Tandem instructor sits in the back and the passenger sits in front.  We organize our equipment and do a simulation before our actual launch.  The instructor double checks your buckles and straps, clips you in, and we turn and wait for a nice launch cycle.  When the wind is right we build energy by running together as the wing comes overhead into the flying position.  We run with the wing as we are lifted of the ground, up, up, and away!  The flight will last at least seven minutes, maybe more depending on the conditions and your karma.

Introductory Lesson - $300.

Paragliding?  Cost?  How long before I fly?  Where can I fly?  StudentInstruction  
This is a introduction to Paragliding, a day of instruction.  Depending on the days weather we'll do all or some of the following.  Hands on the paraglider and first inflation practice.  Tandem flight from one of our mountains.  Meet and talk with pilots.  Observe rated pilots launching, flying and landing.

Novice (P2) Paragliding Course - $1,400.

  Gaggle   You've decided to learn to paraglide?  This is the course that teaches you everything to become a safe pilot.  Layout, Preflight, Forward, Reverse Inflations, Radio Instruction, Landing Approaches, Turn Coordination, Site Selection, Airspeed Control, Turbulence Recognition, Canopy Malfunction, Weather Conditions, How to Survive, USHPA and BMF Associations.
This is a comprehensive PARAGLIDING COURSE consisting of all the lessons you need. Anywhere from 10 to 15 days on average. This course contains the classroom and flight requirements necessary to acquire the skills toward a novice solo rating.  Upon completion students will have acquired the basic minimum requirements to understand how and when to fly paragliders as entry-level pilots.  Completion of the course does not intend to qualify the student as an advanced pilot.  Novice training is only the basic understanding of paraglider flight and how to proceed safely as a beginner pilot.
1 year membership to Ushpa and BMF, textbook and logbook are included.  Equipment must be purchased by student.

Intermediate (P3) Course - $400.

  Preflight   To achieve an intermediate rating the pilot must demonstrate the maturity and skills to fly most sites in mild to moderate conditions and judge when the site conditions are within the pilots skill, knowledge, and experience level.  Understand the FAR’s and regulated airspace for cross-country flights and be able to select and perform safe landings under various conditions.  Consistent, safe, inflations are a must.  

Advanced (P4) Tandem (T1) Course

  ParagliderSunburst   Please contact me with a brief resume of your experience and motivation.